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Professional resume

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 Personal facts
 Place and date of birth: Villahermosa Tabasco, México.  January 22nd, 1967
 Citizenship: Mexican
Marital status: Divorced / one son
 Residency: San Miguel de Allende, Gto., México
Web page:
 Languages: 100% Spanish and English, reading, writing and comprehensive. Basic French.

Software engineering: Analysis, design, programming and implementation of Information Technologies and Systems in local and wide area network environment. 
Project Management: Resource administration focused to successfully complete Information Technologies projects
interaction with people: Capacity to lead working teams and to interact with the people that form such teams.
Overall vision of the business: Hands-on experience with the different functional areas that constitute the business and capacity to understand the IT professional role within it.  Very focused towards the client.

 University: Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Campus Estado de México
 Graduated in: Computer System Engineering, May 1987
Social service: CAD/CAM research on IBM mainframe 4381

 Professional Experience
 Company: (formely AlexdeWit)
  Location and date: San Miguel de Allende, Gto. -- January 1999 to date
Position: Owner
Main activities: Consulting services in Information Technologies, focused in industries and companies in the manufacturing and transformation, automobile, hotel and service areas
Major projects: Please visit our Main Projects page at for more information (Spanish only).
* * *
Company SIGEIN, S.A. de C.V.
Location: León Guanajuato - 2005 to March 2013
Position: Founding partner / I.T. Director
Main activities: Software SIGEIN producer and seller: Human capital management based on work competencies
  Please consult our page at for more information on the company, its activities, and main clients (in Spanish only)
* * *
 Company: International Paper -- Business Process Technology Center
 Lugar y fecha: Memphis, Tennessee -- April 1998 to December 1998
Position: Business Analyst
Main activities: ° Feasibility analysis of expansion projects of the Aseptic Products Division and S.A.P. implementation in Latin America, Asia and Europe.
° Project Management for S.A.P. implementation process teams.
Major projects: Development and submit of Capital Investment Projects for its authorization by the Lead Team. Total cost of the project: USD$6.8 million.
* * *
 Company: Veratec de México, S.A. de C.V. (formerly a division of International Paper)
  Location and date: San José Iturbide, Guanajuato -- April 1995 to April 1998
Position: Manager of Information Systems
Main activities: ° Telecommunications (digital links, PBX management, LAN and WAN administration, E-mail administration)
° User support
° IT projects management (development and implementation)
° Hardware y Software inventory control
° LAN topology design
Major projects: ° Intranet and Extranet design (Ethernet switched, WiFi, videoconference E1)
° Implementation of Business system (MCBA), Maintenance system (MP2), Intermec/Janus radio frequency scanners. Programmed the equipment as well as the interface programs and the link utilities.
° Development: Payroll interface, Hardware inventory, Human Resources, Shipping system
Action teams involvement: ° Technical Forum.
° IS Lead Team
° Process redesign
° Disaster Recovery Plan.
° President of company’s Savings Plan Committee
Notes: I had the chance to work for this company from the moment the whole project started from scratch, from the construction of the actual site.  Therefore, I was very much involved with all the analysis, design and implementation phases for each one of the company subsystems/processes, in each one of its different functional areas.

* * *
 Company: Sistemas y Servicios G, S.A. de C.V. (Grupo DINA)
 Location and date: México City -- March 1994 to April 1995
Position: Manger of Information Systems
Main activities: ° UNIX (HP-9000) manager and Novell under TCP/IP
° LAN expansion design
° Special project development with non-Mexican partners.
° Research and evaluation of new technologies (software and hardware).
° General management: budgets, payments, Et cetera.
Major projects: ° EDI implementation with both local and non-local vendors.
° Development of Legal System under Visual Basic 3.0 / Access.
° Electronic transfer for Truck Engineering Changes, under UNIX between partner in USA and México.
° Sales/Account Receivable system design under Progress 7.3 UNIX/Windows (Client-server).
° Purchasing control system implementation, Caterpillar Logistic Services at Peoria, IL.
° Order entry subsystem for Sales system.
Notes: In this company I was involved in the manufacturing and sales process, from a System standpoint, especially regarding the implementation of new technologies
* * *
 Company: Reto Industrial, S.A. de C.V.
 Location and date: México City -- December 1991 to February 1994
Position: Manger of Information Systems
Main activities: ° LAN design and implementation under UTP/Fibre for Ethernet.
° Development projects management.
° Novell LAN and local systems management.
Major projects: ° Creation of OOP libraries for Borland Pascal 7.0/Novell Btrieve. This libraries where the standard used to develop all subsequent systems.
° Sun Microsystems: LAN implementation under UTP.
° PRI Churubusco: LAN implementation under UTP.
° Facileasing, S.A: Car leasing control system.
° St. Thomas Creations, S.A.: LAN implementation and outsourcing.
* * *
 Company: Grupo Primex, S.A de C.V.
 Location and date: México City -- September 1988 to June 1991
Position: Project leader
Main activities: System development under multi-user environment under Borland Pascal 5.0 OOP/Btrieve.
Major projects: ° Accounts Payable system.
° Accounts Receivable system.
Puesto: System Engineer
Main activities: ° Novell 2.x LAN management.
° Satellite link communications management: E-mail and information interchange between sites.
Major projects: Resource usage monitoring system.
* * *
 Company: Avance Sistemas, S.A. de C.V.
 Location and date: México City -- May 1985 to December 1987
Position: Analyst/Programmer
Main activities: System design under INFORMIX 4GL for systems under UNIX and MSDOS
Major projects: ° Cost control system for a construction firm.
° Manufacturing system for a shoe manufacturing firm.

 Technical expertise
Development environment and languages: ° Web: Visual Studio .NET using VB and JavaScript, ASP, J2EE
° Web pages: MS FrontPage, Macromedia DreamWeaver and Flash 8, HTML, DHTML
° Windows desktop: Visual Studio .NET using VB, Visual Basic 6
° RDBMS: SQL Server, Progress, Oracle, Informix, Access, Paradox, BTrieve
° Reports: Crystal Reports XI
° UNIX: ANSI C, Shell, Informix 4GL, Progress GUI
° Other: C++, Borland Pascal (OOP), COBOL
ERP: ° MS Solomon IV
° SAP R/3
° Progress OpenMFG
Operating Systems and Networking: ° Theoretical and practical knowledge in LAN design and implementation: UTP/Fibber, TCP/IP, SPX protocols, monitoring and diagnostics.
° Computer architecture.
° OS: SCOUnix, HP-UX, MSDOS, MS Windows (all, from 1.0 to Vista), Mac OS X
° NOS: Windows Small Business Server, Windows Server 2000, Novel (up to ver. 5)
Business suites and commercial applications: ° Suites: Microsoft Office 2007, Lotus Smarsuite.
° Computer design: TrueSpace 2.0, AutoCAD 14, Corel suite.
° Computer animation: LightWave 7, Macromedia Flash MX

 Extracurricular activities
Sport competitions: ° 1st. place interstate swimming competition free style and 2nd. place relays (Villahermosa, Tabasco, 1977)
° 2nd. place Tae Kwon Do heavy weight category blue belts (México City, 1986)
° 1st. place free style Kung-fu combat  (Puebla, 1990)
° Marathón México-Puebla, (1992)
Sports: ° Hatha Yoga
° Swimming
° Shaolin Ch'uan martial art
° Mountain bike
° Surf
Hobbies and interests: ° Cooking
° Cartoons and illustration
° Alternative energies

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